Canyon Angels Website

Canyon Angels is an angel investment firm in Phoenix Arizona serving over 60 active investors.

The Client

Canyon Angels is a sophisticated angel investment group founded in 2015. With over 70 investors, they focus on funding highly scalable startups that allow accredited investors to diversity their portfolios, locally in Arizona and globally.

The Challenge

Canyon Angels approached us early on in 2019 with the problem that their current website was failing to meet the needs of the group. They were unable to facilitate blog posts, manage memberships, or collect interested company information, putting the group severely behind on the digital scale.

The Approach

To deliver a seamless online experience, I worked to incorporate modern elements while also building workflows in the background to capture investor and company information (lead generation), handle member billing (Stripe integrations), and automate notifications (Zapier/Gmail workflows).

The Results

The project resulted in a seamless online experience for Canyon Angels, incorporating modern elements and workflows to capture investor and company information, handle member billing through Stripe integrations, and automate notifications through Zapier/Gmail workflows. As a result, the group has seen a significant increase in their lead generation and membership management capabilities. Furthermore, Canyon Angels has now invested over 5 million dollars into over 40 companies across the world, further expanding their impact and portfolio diversification. The end product has been successful in achieving their goal of funding highly scalable startups and finding desirable investment opportunities locally in Arizona and globally.

Want A Site Like Canyon Angels?

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